Oct 15

This couch

by Mike Boyle

Worn in like a glove
several braces broken
& propped up with pillows
stuffing spilling out
of broken creases
let’s call it 20 yr couch
although it’s been 19
never put legs on the
thing, and who knows
where they
guess it was ’92
in another apartment with
thin walls
it seemed to be a homo
sexual apartment building
I’d be in the bathtub
& through the wall, hear
oh, yes, suck my cock
hear another man
downstairs were the lesbians
who played pop music loud
so I couldn’t hear them
doing what they did
I think one of them, the
fem, was undecided about
the lifestyle
she once gave me a shovel
during a blinding snowstorm
said, sheesh
because I had nothing
continually showed up
the couch showed up
in the next place, deeper in
the ghetto
the couch & matching
it seemed some personal
resignation, buying things
because I’d been living out
of a suitcase for so long
& living out of a suitcase
is open, furniture is
closed for business
nothing but poems
& crazy paintings
& bohobait recordings
in that place
drunk much of the
I once looked out the
window & saw a car on
I laughed, went to the
refrigerator, got another
I tore the collage I’d been
making off the wall
took it out back
pinned it to clothesline
sprayed lacquer till it
dripped, &, in fuck it
gesture, emptied some
other spray paint on it
but not too much
while hearing balcony
afternoon screams
I went to look out front
while the shit dried
someone putting out car
fire with garden hose
& across the street
that blonde sunbathing
on the sidewalk like it
was some beach