Sep 15

The Jungle

by Michael Grover

It’s the law of the jungle
When you’re down you’re out
I have tried to say there is no jungle
Only to have it bite me in the ass
I live my life regardless
At my own pace
& I’m just starting to pay the dues
Maybe working for something
Other than words
Wouldn’t be so bad
But I don’t know
If I can crawl out of here
& do that responsible shit
Like put on a suit & tie
Everyone likes suits & ties
They’re very respectable
Or make someone full of shit
Look respectable
Like the man on the news
Or the politician
The president wears suits
& he’s a star
Maybe a salesman
Or professor
Anyone that is full of shit
Wears a suit
But maybe I could wear one
To a wedding
& then I woke up sweating
I was scared
That just doesn’t look comfortable
& it doesn’t look cool in the Summer
No I can’t crawl out of this hole
Not with that kind of armor
The mentality of a killer
I have tried to say there is no jungle
I can’t see the forest from the trees
It’s always out there
It’s still reminding me
What I can’t have
Why I can’t stop & feast
This takes too much discipline
& it hurts these decisions I’ve made
I might even regret them
The jungle is right outside
Tonight it’s peaceful
The cicadas drone peacefully
No gunshots
That’s peaceful for here