Sep 14

New Issue at Red Fez

Thursday September 13, 2012
Red Fez Issue 49 has lifted off! (www.redfez.net)

Intro by Tim Murray

Articles & Reviews:
An American’s Toilet Paper Nightmare in Southeast Asia by Erik Thurman
A Syrian-American Perspective on Current Events in Syria. by Lahab Assef Al-Jundi
London 2012 Olympics: A Love-Hate Relationship by Simonovitch
They Will Tear You Apart by Bud Smith
Why Poetry? #5 – Cheryl A. Rice by Rebecca Schumejda
A Review Of Doug Draime’s More Than The Alley by Michael Grover

Art, Photography & Comics:
Futures by K. Sóley

You’ve Seen The Gypsy by Karley Bayer
Nazi Underpants by Steven Gulvezan
Mercy by Mick Rose
Jolene by Matthew Ulland
Allen’s Way by Larry Blumen
Mr. Blackistani by Ali Eteraz
The Mummer’s Dance by Nancy Hightower
Breathe by Mitch Lavender
Jenny by Jack Isaak
A Matter Of Convenience by Michael J. Solender

Song by Ryan Swofford
Sunday Afternoon by Charlie Weber
Last Night On Nova by Clint Margrave
Imagining Tom Waits in My Kitchen by Carter Monroe
As The Decimals Change by Brenton Booth
Patience by Rana Daunis
All That And A Bag Of Neurons by Carly Bryson
Floor Boards by Jonie McIntire
Bandaids by Ally Malinenko
I Fail Somehow by Crawdad Nelson
Death by Matt Sradeja
The Raven and Sir Walter Raleigh’s Ghost by Mike Carson
Go “Lectric by Gloria Wimberley
Wolves Eat Dogs by Howie Good
Goat Piss Into Gasoline by Jason Ryberg
Antonym for “Hatch” by Joseph Harker
[replace transmission fluid , January 24th, 2012 ] by Frank Walsh
The Beast by Nancy P. Davenport

Artistically & Feztastically yours,
Patrick Simonelli