Aug 15

There’s All Kinds Of Drugs

by Catfish McDaris

I was raking the yard, pulling
the last skeletons of marigolds,
foxtails & poppies, when I noticed

A well dressed man walking
toward me, he wore an unnatural
grin, somewhere between wild
euphoria & a lunatic insanity

Figuring he had just smoked crack
or snorted angel dust, I lifted my
rake into a defensive position

As he got near he withdrew a
pamphlet & said “Do you feel
an emptiness in your soul?”

I just stared at him

“Perhaps you’d care to read this
& make a small donation for the
greater good of all mankind?”

I kept looking at him & thought
I recognized him from Roswell, NM

He smiled & asked “Aren’t you
going to say anything?”

“Yea, get the fuck out of here
before I donate my rake up your ass”

He started walking, still smiling
until he stepped in a pile of dog shit.