Aug 15

Political Poem (If It Doesn’t Have A Soul)

by Michael Grover

In the name of freedom
They spread oppression
People fight for freedom
People die for freedom
As if it were more than a word
A thought someone put in their head
Maybe they just needed a job
Because the future looks bleak
I remember the recruiting billboards in West Philly
Besides those recruiters are everywhere
As if they had ever felt it
This is the illusion
It’s faith in nothing
Has anybody seen
This god that blessed us as americans
He must be corrupt
If he blessed this shit
Does he have a facebook page
I haven’t liked it
That must be why he seems to hate me
Maybe I could send him a message
He wouldn’t answer
I know it’s him that
Places pics of the troops everywhere
As P.R. for the fascist military corporate state
Where there is always someone
Waiting for your crumbs
& what could a political poem say anyway
If it doesn’t have a soul
This is therapy