Aug 15

economics for bystanders

by Carl Miller Daniels

tie-dye the corrosive elements of society.
bring them down with big hay-filled barns.
the kind of hay that’s golden yellow, with
threads of silver and streaks of rubicon,
after caesar crossed that goddamn river.
social norms and balances are something
worth preserving, keeping the youth
on the right track, make-shift solutions
only viable for the friskiest and the
most beautiful.
while the sexy big-dicked naked young man was
getting his dick sucked by his best friend jeff,
the sky was a delicate shade of misspent cash,
the greenish tinge was so overwhelming that
surely the threat of dire complications
was right close at-hand. soooo,
the sexy big-dicked naked young man
hurried himself right along and spurted
a big wad of cum right into jeff’s
slimy willing mouth. jeff whimpered
with pleasure, and jerked himself
off in a hurry, spattering the taut
smooth chest of
the sexy big-dicked naked young man
whom he had just sucked off.
it really began to rain
outside, and, to everyone’s
delight, it was just rain.
wet. and cool. the essence
of good luck, and good fortune.
old cars mostly end up
flattened and twisted hunks of metal.
every now and then, though, one ends up getting
preserved, the cream of the crop,
the eye of the beholder delighted
by vanilla color, and red upholstery.
meanwhile, down at the golden-glow
the sexy big-dicked naked young man
and his best friend jeff
are at it again,
hay-straw the evolution of
stallions turned to stud,
don’t spill any of their
stuff on the floor, it goes
for $5000 a pop.