Jul 02

Toxic Abatement

San Francisco, CA

Toxic Abatement: Spoken Words, Contaminated World… Full Of Crow’s
Fashion For Collapse will host the first Toxic Abatement Poetry and
Music Event on July 5, 2012 at Viracocha, San Francisco, California.
See website at www.fashionforcollapse.com for full details, graphics,
links, and bios.

The event will feature local and visiting poets, and the 3x Bad Band.
Hang out after at Cava 22.

Details: Thursday, July 5, 2012 from 7:30-10:00 p.m. at Viracocha, 998
Valencia, San Francisco, California. Contact Lynn Alexander or Paul
Corman-Roberts for more information.


Youssef Alaoui-Fdili, Zarina Zabrisky, Cassandra Dallett, Sharon
Coleman, John Swain, Tim Murray, Joel Landmine, Shali Nicholas, Amy
Glasenapp, Jezebel Delilah X, Missy Church, Frankie Metropolis, and
Brian Fugett. Music by 3x Bad Band.

Hosted by Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts. lynnalx@gmail.com
or 412-737-1421.


Youssef Alaoui-Fdili
Youssef has spent much time with the dowdier whores at the lower end
of Rue Saint Denis, among the Vieux Halles in Gay Paree. Bed was a
fresher place with them.
Touch Youssef’s home base at the following locale
Buy this man’s sea-soaked novella by any means possible and without
delay! You will not regret a single moment spent with Youssef’s
anti-heroic character Nickel the agoraphobic sailor and his Spaniard
shipmates! Both sublime horror and spiritual insight await the passing
of your gaze amidst these lofty pages, but how can this be? Find out
right away and for a mere pittance!

Zarina Zabrisky is a myth and only exists in her stories. She burns
them and dances in flames. Watch her or jump in if you dare.

Cassandra Dallett occupies Oakland, CA. Cassandra writes of a counter
culture childhood in Vermont and her ongoing adolescence in the San
Francisco Bay Area. She has published in Hip Mama, The Chiron Review,
Bleed Me A River, Ascent Aspirations, Criminal Class Review, Nibble,
and The Milvia Street Journal among many others. Look for links on

Sharon Coleman’s poems or blink fiction have appeared in Caesura,
Criminal Class Review, Sparkle Blink, Blink Ink, Out of Our, Try!, The
Walrus, Syllogism, Berkeley Poetry Review, Ghost Town/Pacific Review,
North Coast Literary Review, Penumbra, Folio, and online at Lily, Full
of Crow and Dark Sky Magazine. She’s a contributing editor at Poetry
Flash and teaches poetry writing at Berkeley City College. She is a
co-curator of the reading series Lyrics & Dirges in Berkeley. She was
recently nominated for a Pushcart for blink fiction.

John Swain lives in Louisville, Kentucky. His chapbooks include:
Prominences and Sinking of the Cloth (Flutter Press); Set Apart Before
the World Was Made(Calliope Nerve Media); The Feathered Masks and
Burnt Palmistry (Full of Crow); Handing the Cask (erbacce press);
Fragments of Calendars (Thunderclap Press) and White Vases (Crisis
Chronicles Press). His work has received nominations for the Pushcart
Prize, Best of the Net, and Best of the Web.

Tim Murray is a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. He has hosted
the Red Fez blogtalk radio show since 2010. He was recently nominated
for a Pushcart Prize by NightBallet Press for his poem “Certified
Outlaw”. His chapbooks include “What I Did Monday” (Ten Pages Press,
2011), “I’m this robot.” (Eephus Press, 2012), and the forthcoming
“Dinosaur Ditch” from Citizens For Decent Literature Press.

Joel Landmine: San Francisco poet and curmudgeon Joel Landmine is a
longtime contributor to the Anger Management and Tenderloin Reading
Series. He has also read with the Portugese Artsist Colony and Inside
Storytime series. He has begrudgingly survived several near-death
experiences, is a dissapointment to his family and loved ones, and
rarely leaves the house.

Shali Nicholas lives in the San Bernardino mountains where she,
unfortunately, gleans no inspiration from nature. If you find that you
recognize yourself in her writing:
1) that is completely unavoidable and must be taken as any other
unavoidable event or act of nature and also 2) that is completely of
your own imagining

Amy Glasenapp is a bay area poet, writer, and teacher and has been
featured in local readings like Anger Management and EBOB.

Jezebel Delilah X Feminist Afrocentric Black Queer Femme Lesbian
Artist Writer Performer Curious Dreamer Fighter Champion Love-Warrior
Activist Mermaid Princess.

Missy Church, a Bay Area resident since 1996, has been writing poetry
and flash since her teens. She has appeared in numerous readings in
San Francisco and Oakland. Her memoir/bio/novelish thing, Church, is
coming soon. She prides herself on co-creating a tiny human in the
form of a boy. He enjoys long walks and Pee Wee Herman.
Missy is a member of 9st Writing Group, Anger Management Reading
Series and runs The Naked Bulb, an open mic, out of her Oakland
Frankie Metropolis

Frankie Metropolis operates the Meth Lab, and hosts the radio show
Drakonian Vampire Tunnel Is Closed For Repairs on The Literary
Underground. He is a fiction editor at Red Fez and writes a monthly
column there, “The Left Handed Smoker”.

Brian Fugett: American poet, cartoonist, editor, and publisher of
underground lit. He is most well-known as the editor of Zygote in my
Coffee. Established Tainted Coffee Press which publishes the print
issues of Zygote, poetry chapbooks and flipbooks.


Paul Corman-Roberts is the host of Bitchez Brew, and has co-organized
various readings and events around the bay area, including the
upcoming BEAST Lit Crawl in Oakland and ZyFez 2. He is an editor at
Red Fez and Full Of Crow, and was the poetry editor for Cherry Bleeds.

Lynn Alexander produces and edits online and print publications for
Full Of Crow Press and Distribution, Including Fashion For Collapse
and Blink Ink (edited by Doug Mathewson). She is also the head fiction
editor at Red Fez and edits Citizens For Decent Literature Press with
Michele McDannold.

Both host Project U Radio at The Literary Underground.

Thank you for supporting independent press and community poetry.