Mar 27

New Radio Show at Project U Radio

Your Mothers Medicine Cabinet Poetry Series will be hosted by Frank Reardon.

April 2nd – August 27, 11 pm Easter/8 Pacific…Radio Series brought to you by The Literary Underground. 30-60 minute shows every Monday night for 5 months. I will be interviewing a published poet, author, or publisher that you might not hear from as much.

ALL SHOWS ARE 11 Eastern/ 8 Pacific
Listen to the live show at blogtalkradio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theliteraryunderground or call in to (805) 856-2808. All shows will be available for on-demand listening in the archive several hours after the live recording. You can also follow the event on facebook for updates https://www.facebook.com/events/300472406692731/.


2nd. Will Crawford ” Fire in the Marrow”
9th. Jason Hardung ” Broken & the Damned”
16th William Taylor Jr.. ” An Age of Monsters etc.”
23rd John Dorsey “Sodomy is a city in New Jersey etc.”
30th Dan Fante ” Chump Change etc” / or RL Raymond, Pigeon Bike Press


7th Dan Fante ” Chump Change etc”/ or RL Raymond, Pigeon Bike Press
14th Jason Ryberg ” Open Letter To Dark Gods Of The Ancient World”
21st Razor, Punk Hostage Press
28th Iris Applequist ” Briar, Spartan Press”


4th Dan Provost ” Born to look down at the Ground etc
11th Misti Rainwater Lites ” Bullshit Rodeo”
18th Jeannette Kantzalis ” Josephine the Outlaw King”
25th April Michelle Bratten ” Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors”

2nd Jenni Fagan ” The Dead Queen of Bohemia etc”
9th Wolfgang Carstens ” epic rites press”
16th Dog on a Chain Press
23rd Erin Reardon ” Meat”
30th James H Duncan ” Maybe a Bird will Sing, Hobo Camp Review”


6th John Yamrus ” Doing Cartwheels on Doomsday Afternoon etc.”
13th Dale Winslow talks about NeoPoiesis Press
20th S.A. Griffin discusses his works & Outlaw Bible of poetry/ or TBA
27th RD Armstrong ” Lummox Press & poetry”/ TBA


3rd Murphy Clamrod’s Unadorned Press.
10th Paul Corman-Roberts and Lynn Alexander do the Literary Underground, Free porn show.
17th TBA
24th One hour blow out show, call in, drink, discussions, throwing bags of flaming shit on your neighbors porch show

Frank Reardon is an American poet and writer. He is the author of several books (Cancer Face, Little Lies Publishing, 2004, Exorcism of the Con-Artist, 2005, Little Lies Publishing. Interstate Chokehold, 2009, Neo Poiesis Press, Steak Bone Fever, 2011, Unadorned Press, The Nirvana Haymaker, 2012, Neo Poiesis Press). Reardon’s poetry has been published in many print and online presses.