Mar 19

Spontaneous Poetry, Session 1

Spontaneous Poetry @ Project U Radio. Join us on Thursday, March 22 at 11:30 EST, 8:30 Pacific. (LINK TO EPISODE PAGE) Wanna play? All you have to do is get a notebook, any kind. Doesn’t matter. You need a place to leave it where people can be free to add their spontaneous poetry without it disappearing because if it does, well, then you have spontaneous but LOST poetry. You can write in it yourself. You can pass it around. You can transcribe things that you hear, you can capture a conversation. Then call in to our show and read it or send it through email as text to be read or as an mp3 of the text being read by you. Or anyone, really. Doesn’t matter. Identity isn’t important. What matters is that you seek out words, preferably words rooted in the moment. Spontaneous. Then share your findings. It can be a phone message, rant, rap lyrics. Easy? Good. (805) 856-2808. You can also just call up, read, talk, that’s good too. Always welcome.

Following week, we will get to the topic of Bukowski, like we were going to but then people crabbed about him which is all the more reason to do it, no? Buk Boxing. Love him, hate him, feel irritated by poets that compare themselves to him? Think his iconic role is deserved? Want to reflect on the man, his words, or why you care so much about arguing? Call us up. The myths, the man, the cult of Buk.