Jan 22

Fucked Nine Ways From Tomorrow

“Cocaine habit forming? Of course not. I ought to know. I’ve been using it for years.” Tallulah Bankhead

Granny used to tell of the Mexican
Revolucion, campesinos washing the
corn & grain from Pancho Villa’s horse
crap to survive
She told me about a boy shitting
out the window of a train & my dad
thinking it was a fat man smoking a cigar
A hoarse cry of a gull & John Coltrane
filled my naked skull as I thought of
Mother Theresa farting when I drove her
& some moon rocks from the airport to
Marquette University where I worked
Granny paid the plumber $150 to snake
her drain, she ended with a ruptured
vagina, my pal said he’d do her for $100
I choked him out, pulled down his pants
& shoved a cucumber up his ass & said
#9, #9, #9 in my best John Lennon
impersonation, as I made several revolutions.

–Catfish McDaris