Nov 02

Gutter Eloquence Issue #18

Gutter Eloquence Issue #18

Peycho Kanev, Rhys Milsom, Kevin Ridgeway, C Wilk, William Taylor Jr, Valentina Cano, John Flynn, Anthony Liccione, Frank Sloan, M.P. Powers, Michael Goscinski, Michele McDannold, Chinedu Ichu, Jason L. Huskey, Jamie Townend, Cynthia R. Lewis, John Tustin, Sarah E. Alderman, Mike Meraz, Jean Brasseur, Zoe Dzunko, Gregory Liffick, Fiona Helmsley, Bruce McRae, James Martin Spears.


Welcome to Issue #18 of Gutter Eloquence Magazine.
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Submissions for the next online issue (#19) will be open
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–Editor Jack

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