Sep 04

Call for Submissions – The Rag

The Rag is a quarterly electronic literary magazine. Notice that we didn’t say “online” literary magazine. You don’t read The Rag at a website. You hop on the Internet and go to raglitmag.com and get The Rag delivered to you in the digital format of your choosing. Currently we offer a PDF version available at our store as a 1-year, $9 subscription, or you can get an individual issue for $3. Versions for the Kindle and Nook are coming soon. So, what’s in The Rag? Short stories … for now. We plan on publishing poetry and novels in the future and are currently accepting your submissions. Our first issue includes 9 short stories: a little over 40,000 words of reading pleasure.

We Pay
Good writing takes talent and hard work, and we want to reward this hard work as much as possible. That’s why we always pay our contributors. As our magazine grows we will continue to look to maximize our payouts.

We value your submissions and support.