Aug 29

Episode 16 « In Between Altered States

Episode 16 « In Between Altered States.

from the editor
This episode feels pretty heavy on the feline to me and as I type this the cat is digging his claws in my leg trying to get me to extend my foot so he can use me as his nightly fetish. Yeah, this episode is sort of going to go like that. Episode 16 is running around in a dream about all things artificial…this takes on whatever meaning depending on the writer and that is the way we like it here at In Between Altered States. I would like to welcome back David Haase and Melanie Browne who have contributed before and give a big huzzah for newcomers: David Tomaloff, Andrew J. Stone, James Kowalczyk, Kevin Ridgeway and Sherri Collins.
If this is your first time wandering over to IBAS then I suggest that you read the stories in a row from the first one to the last one because this website is designed to provide you a series of dreams that run into one another in some way or fashion. Then when you are done, feel free to go back and read your favorites. Thank you for stopping by.