Aug 15

New Issue from Red Fez

Red Fez Issue 37 has lifted off! (www.redfez.net)

Intro by Claudia Lamar

Articles & Reviews:
The Last Days of Los Angeles #1 by Luis Rivas
The Youth in Imagination, Rekindled by J. A. Tyler
The Imagination of Youth, Rekindled by Robert Kloss
Dispatches from Atlantis #9 by Paul Corman-Roberts
Lost Shakespearean PlayER, ‘Sir kNight, Benjamin of Judah‘, Found by J.B. Pravda
Shapechanger by William Henderson
Two Bits by Youssef Alaoui-Fdili
The Workers Who Have No Names by Matthew Dexter
What’s In A Name? by A. Razor
My Cockamamie Theory by Ani Smith

Music & Audio:
Pedagod by Dustin Michael
The Yodelling Elevator by J.B. Pravda
Pretty Woman by DB Cox

Inspiration by Cheryl Snell

Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part VI by Bill McLaughlin
An Evening With the Charles Bukowski of Berlin by M.P. Powers
Czarninapalooza by Tom Andrews
Klippinger, Minnesota by Adam R. Burnett
Destined by Greg Eidson
Soldiers by Daniel Davis
E-Harmony Connection #54421 by Meg Tuite
Cupcake Chronicles #6 by Patricia Carragon
Cupcake Chronicles #8 by Patricia Carragon
Kleptomania by Ally Malinenko
Bring Me An Apple With No Worms by Catfish McDaris
Hines Park by Josh Olsen
Hey, Chinese kid! by Josh Olsen
The Electric Ukulele Lady Land Band by Ashwin Parulkar

Biology 101 by Mather Schneider
Stiletto Heeled Gestapo Boots by F.N. Wright
The Fortune Teller by Sonia Saikaley
Night Of The Living Head by Joseph Stern
Shit Happens by Jane Butler
This Poem May Harm Your Computer by Philip Tinkler
Love Like A .45 by Cynthia Ruth Lewis
The Porn Of You by Joseph M. Gant
Christian Slater by Carla Criscuolo
Munson Diner by Mende Smith
Old Men Go Crazy by Gabriel Richard
Right Now by James Babbs
Rhapsody On Q A by Uche Ogbuji
Up Chuck The Boogie by Cassandra Dallett
Windchimes of the Lost by Carly Bryson
Flies Of Summer by John Grochalski
Penny by Barbara Moore
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow by Tyler Kessinger
Sometimes I Hear My Father’s Voice by James Babbs
Rilke’s Panther by Alan Britt
Rising Auction by Marybeth Niederkorn
And the cat said to the mouse by J. Claudius Cloyd
Razor by A. Razor
When You’re Serious About Bungee Jumping by Tyson Bley
Ahorita by James Babbs
El porno de ti by Joseph M. Gant