Jul 14

Red Fez #36

Red Fez Issue 36 has lifted off!
Intro by Leopold McGinnisRead, Enjoy, ShareArticles & Reviews:
Your Place Or Mine? by Robert Kloss
Keeping Pace on These Streets by J. A. Tyler
A Novel of Prologues by Michael Filippone
Dispatches from Atlantis #8 by Paul Corman-Roberts
An Excerpt from The Hummingbird Sex Tapes (a working novel) by Lindsey Thomas

Art, Photography & Comics:
Outerspace Elvis by Fabio Sassi
Footsteps by Nathan Holic
Self-Help by M.A. Dubbs
A lonely but hopeful series of characters awaiting some attention by Juan Zapata Jr.

Looking for M by Christopher Anthony Leibow
Sea Fever by Cecelia Chapman

Music & Audio:
It’s Raining Water by Corporal Robot Lips

Big Top by Jon Tait
Bottled in Chicago by DB Cox
Four Days of Rain by F. Michael LaRosa
IN THE AGE OF GERARDO by Matthew Vasiliauskas
Manhattan, Sunday Morning by JP Reese
I Don’t Need A Lawyer, Much Less You by Victor Schwartzman
Breakfast and a Cigarette, Part V by Bill McLaughlin

The Human Masquerade by Alan Catlin
When My Card Is Pulled by Edaurdo Jones
The Black Caravan and the Rope by Dr. Sonnet Mondal
Again, again, the Winter by Mike Hackney
How to Act Hip on Your Own Deathbed by Kevin Ridgeway
A Dangerous Lunatic At The Poetry Reading by Steven Gulvezan
Opium by Michael Ashley
copernicus (un)bound by tj jude
ho-mo-fo by tj jude
Facing West by A.g. Synclair
Crossing by Jason Brightwell
Trinity by Cornelius Bent
Dear Bukowski by J. Claudius Cloyd